AMENEER welcomes the Global ESCO Network at meeting in Mexico

March 16, 2021

On March 12, the Global ESCO Network organized a meeting with AMENEER in order to exchange on a potential collaboration between the two organizations.

AMENEER is the Mexican Association of Energy Efficiency Companies that groups together companies that are dedicated to installing energy monitoring and control systems in commercial, residential, industrial, and government buildings, offering solutions with efficient equipment that reduce the energy consumption needs. As a non-profit association created in 2012 it brings together all companies and consultants including ESCOs who are dedicated to developing energy efficiency projects in all sectors.

The meeting as lead my Pierre Langlois, Co-Chair of the Global ESCO Network, and by Raul Ortega – President of AMENEER, following the meeting, AMENEER confirmed its interest in joining the Global ESCO network and become an active partner who will benefit and contribute to its mission.

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