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Welcome to the Global ESCO Network Library, which endeavours to serve as a home to the small, but growing stock of authoritative literature on Energy Service Companies.

The material is organized under 10 categories, which are listed alphabetically:

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Models, Contracts & Project Development
  3. Certification & Quality Assurance
  4. Investment, Finance & Risk Management
  5. Market Overview, including Cases studies
  6. Measurement & Verification
  7. Policies & legal and regulatory frameworks
  8. Procurement
  9. Super ESCOs
  10. Technologies

The categories are repeated below with a short description of their focus and links to the resources.

The Library was launched on June 21st 2021, and thus is still under construction. We appreciate any feedback and suggestions sent to Denis Tanguay at and/or Federico Antonio Canu at, including reference to missing documents as well as the functioning and structure of the categories.



On accounting standards in the public sector and its influence on off-balance sheet financing

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Business Models, Contracts & Project Development

On business development in various markets and the contract models supporting it

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Certification & Quality Assurance

On accreditation systems for ESCOs and other means to ensure the quality and trust in the market

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Investment, Finance & Risk Management

On the financing of projects and the financing of ESCOs as well as the management of risks associated with Energy Performance Contracting

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Market Overview including Cases studies

On markets for ESCO services, including concrete business examples

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Measurement & Verification

On the measurement and verification of energy efficiency performance, including associated protocols

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Policies & legal and regulatory frameworks

On the laws and regulations that either govern or directly and indirectly influence the ESCO businesses

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On the procurement and procurement systems relevant for the provision of ESCO services and Energy Performance Contracting

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Super ESCOs

On the design, establishment and operation of Super ESCOs, i.e. ESCOs that are initiated by public sector entities to ensure implementation of public sector energy efficiency projects using EPC

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On central technologies underpinning the business of ESCOs.

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