Inauguration Statement

Associates of the Global ESCO Network,

  • support the creation of a Global ESCO Network, the mission of which is lined out above in order to elevate issues and concepts related to ESCOs to the highest possible level on the international climate policy agenda.
  • support the anchoring of the Secretariat of the Global ESCO Network in a partnership between the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre (hereinafter UNEP CCC) and the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO). The Global ESCO Network is based at the UN City complex in Copenhagen, providing a central yet neutral position to convene a Global ESCO Network and act as its global Secretariat.
  • suggest that the Global ESCO Network will operate without formal membership but will build on associating existing national and regional ESCO associations and global bodies that are related to ESCO sector development. No association fee will be charged.
  • emphasize that the Global ESCO Network must be mindful to reinforce rather than duplicate the efforts of ESCO associations.
  • agree that the Global ESCO Network financing will be based on donor contributions. The Secretariat will be responsible for raising further funding for its own operation. All associated “members”, including the undersigned as well as CCEE and EVO in their function as Secretariat, shall bear their own costs of the association.
  • agrees that a Formation Steering Committee of 6-8 members is drawn from associates to take the interests of the Global ESCO Network forward.
  • endorse that the Key functions of the Global ESCO Network include:
    • ESCO advocacy in national and international fora for the currency and relevance of the ESCO approach to accelerating climate change mitigation;
    • global-scale research and information dissemination about issues relevant to the proliferation of ESCOs; and
    • coordinated approaches to securing resources and funding for developing policies, training programs, and enabling environments favourable to ESCO market growth.