ESCO Model Contracts

The ESCO Model Contract Library provides a list of ESCO contracts and supporting documents provided by a variety of countries and organisations. In some cases, the resources also provide a wider set of documents related to public procurement of ESCO services, including the provision of contracts for a variety of different types of interventions and ESCO contract modality.

We aim to continuously expand our ESCO Model Contract Library. Please reach out to us if you know of other standard contracts or related relevant documents that you deem could provide added value to the ESCO community

Victorian Government
Energy Performace Contract templates

The website provides list of documents related to requests for proposals of Energy Perfomrmance Contracts, including:
– A Standard Energy Performance Contract
– A Standard Detailed Facility Study Agreement
– Measurement and Verification Plan
– Detailed Facility Study Template
– Project Plan Template
– Green Government Buildings Guidelines
– Request for Proposal template and evaluation matrix

Sustainable Energy Development Agency
Standard Energy Performance Contracts for ESCOs

The website provides a model contract for guaranteed savings and a model contract for shared savings including supporting documents and guidelines.

*In Bulgarian

Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency
Energy Performance Contracting: Guide for Federal Buildings

The document provides a guide for planning and implementing an energy performance contract for federal buildings. It provides information on:
– How an energy performance contract works
– Factors that must be present before implementation
– Typical issues that can arise during a contract’s life cycle
– The role of energy service companies
– Guidance on establishing and managing a mutually satisfactory arrangement

National Library of Standards

The Chinese National Library of Standards provides the option to purchase the national standard for the ESCO business model, which includes technical guidance and a model ESCO business contract for shared savings, guaranteed savings, and energy management outsourcing.

Entreprises Générales de France BTP
Standard clause for energy performance contracts (EPC)

The website provides a list of documents related to the launch of energy efficiency projects through energy performance contracting developed by the French National Federation of Concessioning and Regulated Authorities (FNCCR), including:
– A user guide for the application of the standard clauses for energy performance contracts
– Standard contract templates for public competitive calls
– Standard contract templates for public competitive calls, according to a procedure with negotiation
– General Administrative clauses applicable to energy performance contracts for buildings
– Special Administrative Clauses Specifications for energy performance contracts
– Consultation Rules for awarding energy performance contracts, according to a procedure with negotiation
– Consultation Rules for awarding energy performance contracts, according to a competitive procedure

*In French

Klimaschutz- und Energieagentur Baden-Württemberg

The website provides a comprehensive list of documents related to the launch of energy efficiency projects through energy performance contracting, including:
– Energy Performance Contracts and supporting documents
– Heating-related energy efficiency contracts and supporting documents
– Streetlighting-related guaranteed savings contracts and supporting documents
– Small-scale contract template and supporting documents

*In German

Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE)
Model ESCO Performance Contract

The model contract provides broad contours of an agreement to help ESCOs and host companies avoid pitfalls in working with outsourced energy efficiency improvement projects. It has been prepared after consultation with stakeholders and adjusted for the financial and legal systems in India.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
National Energy Services Framework

SEAI has developed a National Energy Services Framework. The website provides the following model contracts and guidance:
Guide to Energy Performance Related Payments
Sample Energy Performance Contract
Overview of Local Energy Supply Contracts
Sample Local Energy Supply Contract

Malaysia Association of Energy Service Companies
MAESCO Master Agreement EPC MIEEIP 20221020

The document provides an energy performance contract template developed under the Malaysian Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Project

Department of Energy
Inter-Agency Energy Efficiency and Conservation Committee Resolution No. 5, series of 2022, which attaches the Government Energy Management Program (GEMP) Guidelines

The Resolution’s Annex C Describes the outline of the required Terms and Conditions for Energy Savings Performance Contracts. It further provides an overview of the ESCO Business Model and Financing Structures (Annex D), Request for Proposal (Annex E), ESCO-based Project Proposals (Annex F) and Measurement and Verification Concepts (Annex G).

Ministry of Climate and Environment
Guidelines for Energy Performance Contracting

The website provides the Polish guidelines for EPC energy performance contracting, including:
– a comprehensive guide to carrying out EPC projects at all stages of their implementation
– ready-to-sign EPC model contracts for three types of energy efficiency projects:
– thermo-modernization projects
– modernization of street lighting
– ESCO/EPC energy management
as well as contractual clauses for hybrid projects and projects with a net value exceeding PLN 25 million.

*In Polish

Electronic Republic Diary
Ordinance No. 671/2022

Regulates the standard parts and procedures for energy efficiency management contracts, to be signed between the State and energy service companies

* In Portuguese

Singapore Green Building Council
EPC Contract Templates

The website provides a contract template for the procurement of services in relation to energy efficiency retrofits, installation of renewable energy facilities, ventilation and cooling system optimisation, lighting retrofits and adoption of smart building systems, and a guide on Specifications for Energy Performance Contracting for Air-Conditioning System Maintenance.

Slovak Republic
Slovak Association of Energy Service Providers (APES)
Model Contract

APES has prepared a model contract aligned with the national regulatory requirements on energy efficiency, based on practical experience from the implementation of EPC projects in Slovakia.

*In Slovak

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic
EPC Methodology and Contract template

The website provides links to documents relevant to Energy Performance Contracting in the public sector, including:
– A guiding document for preparing and executing Energy Performance Contracts
– An Energy Performance Contract template

*In Slovak and English

Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demography
Administrative Clauses and Technical Conditions for Contracting of Energy Services in Public Building

The websites provide information on the specifications and administrative conditions for contracting of energy services in public building and municipal Outdoor lighting, including standard contract templates.

*In Spanish

Taiwan (OBS)
Taiwan Energy Service Association (TESA)
Model ESPC Contract Taiwan Govt Procurement revised 20220113

*In Chinese

United Arab Emirates – Dubai
Regulatory & Supervisory Bureau for Electricity and Water of Dubai
Standard Contracts

The website provides two standard contracts for Shared savings and Guaranteed savings.

United Kingdom
Department of Energy & Climate Change
Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

The website provides links to:
– A model Energy Performance Contract with accompanying guidance notes
– A guide to best practices

The contract is designed to assist public sector organisations retrofit their buildings.

United States of America
Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
Model Documents for an Energy Savings Performance Contract Project

The website provides a comprehensive list of documents related to the launch of energy efficiency projects through energy performance contracting, including:
– Approaches for ESCO solicitation (Pre-qualification and standard request for proposals
– Model documents for investment-grade audits and project proposals
– Model energy performance contract
– Model documents for competitive selection of financial firms through financial solicitation

Building Owners and Managers Association International
Building Owners and Managers Association International
Energy Performance Contracting Model

The website provides a conceptual framework, comprehensive guidance and templates for Energy Performance Contracting to help private building owners/operators develop and execute investment-grade energy efficiency retrofits.

Simplified Standard ESCO Contracts
Preparation of Guidelines for EPC Contracting for ESCOs and Case Study Development

The document provides three contract templates developed for the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, including:
– Verified Savings energy performance contract template
– Guaranteed Savings Energy Performance template
– Lease contract template

Energy Performance Contracting

The project website offers a toolbox consisting of a variety of guidance documents and templates for public building owners, including tendering guidance and contract templates, and a step-by-step guideline for starting up an EPC project.

*In English and Norwegian

Draft Standard SEAD-END Client Contract

The website provides a downloadable contract template for “Energy as a Service” developed as part of the EU Horizon 2020 financed LAUNCH project.

Solar Heating and Cooling Programme

The document provides a model ESCO contract for solar thermal energy provision.

European Union (EU)
European Standards
Energy Performance Contracts. Minimum requirements

The European Standard is available for purchase. This document sets out the minimum requirements for EPC intended for application to existing properties. The requirements are designed to provide :
– transparency throughout the process leading to the energy performance contract ;
– cost-effectiveness in relation to the benefits generated by the energy efficiency measure;
– a toolbox for quality assurance, risk reduction and risk allocation;
– Relevant information needed for financial and technical calculations, both for the beneficiary and the energy service provider.