India’s per capita carbon emissions are low, about 1.8 tons, but the combined figure makes it the third largest emitter globally. The Energy Conservation Act in 2001 introduced energy service companies in the country to induce private capital into energy efficiency. This makes India one of the important markets for ESCO services, where ESCOs have been active for more than […]

When: 3 October, 2023

Join us for this webinar introducing the 2nd edition of our publication on Regulatory Barriers for ESCOs, Perspectives Based on Feedback from National ESCO Associations. This publication presents itself as a simple guidebook for policymakers regarding which interventions they could easily turn to in order to activate the ESCOs in support of energy efficiency strategies and policies.

When: 26 September, 2023
Where: GoToWebinar,

Join us for this webinar and gain insights on the benefits and components of ESCO model contracts. EnerSave Capital will present their work on developing the building blocks of ESCO model contracts for the Sustainable Energy Finance Association (SEFA), the European trade association for the sustainable energy industry, and the Global ESCO Network will launch and showcase its newly established […]

When: 5 September, 2023
Where: GoToWebinar,

Join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion on “Investing in (Energy) Resilience: A Discussion on ESCOs and Mobilizing Public and Private Finance.” Expert panelists will explore the strategies and financing solutions, both public and private, that can drive investment in energy efficiency and enhance energy resilience. The discussion will showcase the crucial role that energy efficiency and Energy Service Companies […]

When: 21 June, 2023 - 21 June, 2023

Credit and loan officers in banks and other financial institutions are not energy efficiency specialists. The International Energy Efficiency Financing Protocol (IEEFP) provides concepts and guidelines to help them assess financing opportunities for energy efficiency projects. It focuses on the key elements needed to evaluate and provide attractive loans to facility owners, ESCOs, and other potential developers and implementers of […]

When: 25 April, 2023
Where: GoToWebinar,

ESCOs have been struggling with the adapted financing component of their offer and the challenges that come with the needs of rapid payback from their clients. The Super ESCO scheme, developed a few years ago, has now been demonstrated in different shapes and forms mainly in the Middle East and in North America and may come to the rescue of […]

When: 22 February, 2023
Where: GoToWebinar,

Germany is close to the centre of the European energy crisis caused by the interruption of Russian gas supplies. Apart from turning down temperatures and switching off public lighting, the real short-term answer is energy efficiency. The ESCOs should be at the centre of that agenda. At our last webinar of 2022, Rüdiger Lohse, head of the German ESCO association […]

When: 6 December, 2022
Where: GoToWebinar,

While ESCOs are trying to get a foothold in many markets, China has been standing out for two decades as the place where ESCOs seem to thrive. Half the world’s ESCO turnover, according to IEA, stems from the Chinese market! To update us on the state and trends of the Chinese ESCO market, Jingwen Wang from the ESCO Committee of […]

When: 25 October, 2022
Where: GoToWebinar,

NAESCO will present the ESCO market in the United States and thus continue our presentations of central markets for ESCOs! NAESCOs Timothy Unruh, Executive Director, Donald Gilligan, President, and Natasha Shah, VP of Government Strategy, will each present their perspectives on the American ESCO market, which has existed for over 40 years and has developed a strong market and robust […]

When: 27 September, 2022
Where: GoToWebinar,

ESCOs are a proven tool to increase energy efficiency and decarbonize priority sectors for a sustainable energy transition which are key in achieving Europe’s energy independence. The session will discuss the needs of the ESCO industry, the existing enabling framework and emerging opportunities in Europe, that are complemented by insights from global ESCO markets.

When: 21 September, 2022