Biennial Gathering of the Global ESCO Network

7 June, 2022 13:30 - 7 June, 2022 18:00
Alsik Hotel & Spa, Denmark

On June 7th 2022, 41 partners joined the 1st Biennial Gathering of the Global ESCO Network, demonstrating that the Network has truly grown into a global, dedicated group of ESCO professionals and advocates!

Gathered in the margins of IEAs 3-day 7th Global Conference on Energy Efficiency, the Global ESCO Network also delivered a side-event together with IEA. We will nurture this partnership with IEA not only to raise the profile of ESCOs, but also to help deliver concrete improvements of frameworks for ESCO-driven energy efficiency action.

The most important outcome of this 3-day conference is beyond doubt that IEA declared the 2020s the ‘decade of energy efficiency’. None of the supply side technologies can deliver the emissions reductions we need with the time we have available. The grid reinforcements cannot be made in time to move the power we need unless we also reduce demand. Energy efficiency can be implemented with little or no lead time; it is a resource available in all countries – and ESCOs are the delivery mechanism. A number of statements were delivered during the three days. Reuters collection can be found here, where both the Global ESCO Network and APEIA had their say.

At the Gathering, the Advisory Board of the Global ESCO Network stated that ‘we have managed to place the Global ESCO Network on the map as a representative of the ESCO sector – although there is a lot of work to be done.’ (See the full statement here)

The work to be done was lined out during the Gathering through active dialogues during the day, underscoring that we have used the first couple of years to bring practically all ESCO associations on board – 32 of 38 associations on the globe. We have made our presence known through 13 webinars and participation in several events organized by others. We have established partnerships with institutions such as IEA and several UN organizations. And we have so far produced two publications. Now is the time to start delivering on the promises we have made.

During the coming year, the Global ESCO Network will

  • Through a hearing process work towards a common definition of ESCO
  • Identify and establish collaboration with financial institutions to finance ESCO project portfolios in countries represented in the Network
  • Support ESCO associations when connecting with national governments and authorities for ESCO advocacy and create trust between policy makers and ESCOs
  • Connect with UN agency country offices for ESCO awareness and explore opportunities for ESCO support and collaboration.
  • Enhance the sharing of best practices from mature ESCO markets to new markets, showcasing best practice models as policy advice.
  • Contribute to data and information generation and collection on national ESCO markets
  • Engage with ESCO associations that volunteered to help start-up concrete work under the Network’s Task Forces.

The Global ESCO Network is looking forward to engage with all stakeholders for the advocacy of the currency of ESCOs to deliver on the global energy efficiency agenda!

Most joined the Gathering remotely, but some were gathered at the Conference Hotel in Sønderborg, Denmark. From the left: Radim Kohoutek, Nick Keegan, Jaroslav Marousek, Søren Lütken, Alexander Ablaza, Ahmed Elbermbali, and Federico Canu

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