Release of the 2022 IPMVP Core Concepts – Highlights

22 March, 2022 11:00
Online Webinar (EDT)

The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP®) is the global standard to guide ESCOs in conducting their measurement and verification (M&V) activities. The Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO), the non-profit owner of the IPMVP, initiated a statutory review of the protocol in 2019 and is now releasing an updated and expanded version for the IPMVP’s 25th Anniversary.

The new 2022 IPMVP incorporates a significant amount of material from the IPMVP Issues and Examples 2016 application guide, and adds content on a number of key issues such as Statisitcs for M&V, Advanced M&V, and Energy Services Performance Contracts (ESPCs), among others. The revised IPMVP includes clarifications on different themes, including adherence with IPMVP, option selection, requirements for continuous measurement in Option B, and adds requirements to the M&V Plan and Reporting Requirements.

The revision of the IPMVP was possible thanks to hundreds of comments received from M&V practitioners from all over the world. Lia Webster, Senior Engineer, Principal at Facility Energy Solutions, and a member of EVO’s IPMVP Committee, coordinated the revision efforts. In this presentation, she will highlight the most critical revisions and changes and guide the audience through the structure of the revised document.

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Online Webinar (EDT)