Organización Latinoamericana de Energía (OLADE), Asociación Nacional de ESCOs de Chile (ANESCO) and the Global ESCO Network (GEN), promote the creation of an ESCO NETWORK in LATAM

November 20, 2023

During the Energy Week 2023 in Montevideo, Uruguay, from November 6-10, OLADE, ANESCO, and GEN jointly announced the establishment of a Latin American network of ESCOs. This initiative aims to set the groundwork for the formation of ESCO associations across the region, along with a comprehensive Work Plan encompassing training programs, the exchange of best practices, understanding various contract types, and the dissemination of success stories. The plan also focuses on identifying opportunities for companies in the sector within the region.

The primary objective is to provide tools that facilitate increased implementation of energy efficiency (EE) and self-consumption among participating countries. Mónica Gazmuri, the manager of Anesco Chile, highlighted the plan as an opportunity to leverage their 16 years of experience, fostering unity to propel regional progress in EE and self-consumption through ESCO financing.

Stephanie Nour, a representative of the Global ESCO Network, emphasized the potential of this network as a solution to promote energy efficiency and expedite investments in the region. In a similar vein, Andrés Rebolledo, Executive Secretary of OLADE, underscored that the network’s formation would enhance integration and collaboration among sector companies, leading to various benefits and fostering the development of this business model across the region. Rebolledo also pointed out the commitment of Latin American and Caribbean countries to a second phase of their energy transitions, wherein enhancing energy efficiency is crucial for the sector’s sustainable development.

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