Svetlana Adamek

ESCO / Super ESCO / EPC / EE finance expert

Svetlana Adamek has a strong foundation in both technical and economic disciplines and has dedicated herself to the ESCO/EPC models for the past 21 years. Her area of expertise lies in developing, advising, and implementing EPCs, with a particular focus on sustainability. Throughout her career, she has held diverse roles related to ESCO/EPC. For instance, she has worked for an ESCO (Siemens) implementing complex EPCs with long-term contracts for up to 20 years, she has provided consultancy services to public facility owners, advising them on how to engage with ESCOs effectively, and has acted as an advisor for international and local financial institutions, donors and MDBs, in developing financial instruments and facilitating the use of EPCs.

Selected professional experience includes:

  • Siemens AG – preparing proposals and implementing EPCs; structuring financing, contract development
  • Morocco, EBRD – EE market demand study and recommendation of financing mechanisms
  • Egypt: 1) GIZ – FS for Egypt Super ESCO and 2) KfW – FS for establishment of a revolving EE Fund
  • Ukraine, EBRD – Framework for financing EE projects through EPC scheme (EUR 100 million)
  • Moldova, USAID – 1) FS for Moldova Super ESCO and 2) Piloting Moldova Super ESCO
  • Poland, EBRD – Investment Strategy, fin instruments and mechanisms for EE retrofitting of public buildings

Svetlana Adamek
ESCO / Super ESCO / EPC / EE finance expert

Independent Senior Consultant


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